Your users are remote. Your apps are on AWS.
But your remote access VPN is hosted in the data center. It's time to fix that.
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Spend time with Zscaler solution experts who will demonstrate how the Zscaler cloud platform secures and optimizes direct-to-internet traffic — regardless of the user's device or location. Stop by the Zscaler booth (#2425) to learn more.

It's Time for a Revolution in Secure Remote Access
The cloud has shown that the data center is no longer the ideal place for all applications. Zscaler Private Access redefines the way remote users access internal applications by enabling an experience that they appreciate, as well as the secure remote access fit for any enterprise embarking on a transformation journey.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware - What You Need to Stay Safe
A new ransomware strain called Bad Rabbit is impacting business and sweeping across Eastern Europe. With any ransomware, the first step to protecting yourself is to separate fact from fiction. Listen to Zscaler researchers present their analysis of Bad Rabbit. 

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Vegas traffic isn't ideal, so we're making it as painless as possible. Find a Zscaler rep at LAS for a free Uber ride to your hotel!
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Zscaler is used by more than 5,000 leading organizations, including
200 of the Forbes Global 2000
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How to Securely Enable the Hybrid Network with AT&T and Zscaler

The cloud and mobility require organizations to rethink their security and network architectures. When a majority of network traffic was destined for the data center, it made sense to backhaul all traffic over a hub-and-spoke network and protect that network by employing a 'castle-and-moat' security model, comprised of appliances. But, with massive investments in SaaS applications like Office 365, the movement of internal applications to private clouds like AWS and Azure, and user demands for unfettered access, requires a new approach. 


Join us for this session as we highlight the way many leading organizations have successfully navigated the journey to the cloud.

Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Time: 11:00am

Speaker: Jay Chaudhry | CEO, Zscaler

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