Adopting the Zero-Trust model? Google Did It, Can You?
Change from old-world network-centric, to new-world user and app-centric


Based on 6 years of creating zero trust networks at Google, the BeyondCorp framework has led to the popularization of a new network security model within enterprises, called the software-defined perimeter. It takes a fundamentally different approach to providing secure access to applications, doing away with the need for traditional perimeter-based network security like solutions like VPNs.

So what does this mean for enterprises not named Google, and how can they can adopt a similar security approach within their organization?

Ameet Jani
Product Manager
Google, LLC.
Manoj Apte
Chief Strategy officer
Zscaler, Inc.

In this webinar hear from Ameet Jani, Product Manager Google Beyond Corp at Google Cloud and Manoj Apte, Chief Strategy Officer at Zscaler as they talk about zero trust security, and how to take a user and application-centric approach to application access. You’ll learn:

  • How cloud and mobility are driving enterprise transformation
  • The challenge of legacy network-centric methods
  • Why a user and application-centric approach strengthens security
  • How to support access to internal apps from any device, anywhere