Industry Report

Adopting Office 365 without the pains

Making the right decisions about how to deploy Office 365 can be a show-stopper, particularly as you consider branch office and remote user connectivity.

Each Office 365 user generates between 12 and 20 persistent connections. Each connectivity option, ExpressRoute, hub-and-spoke or direct-to-Internet, deals with this challenge in different ways.

Download this Catchpoint research which compares connectivity results between an appliance-driven versus a cloud-based direct-to-Internet deployment. Tests include:

  • DNS resolution: The amount of time it took to resolve the domain name of the host
  • TCP connection: The amount of time it took to establish a connection between the client (Catchpoint node) and server (SharePoint)
  • File download: The amount of time it took to download a 2MB file (WebEx player)

Having context for how Office 365 can impact your network and user experience will be critical in making the right choices along the way.