Zscaler Technical Overview Webinar

Join Andy Kennedy, Sales Engineering Manager, Zscaler, Inc., for a live demonstration of the Zscaler cloud security platform. This demo will highlight concrete security and business reasons on why moving to a 100% cloud security platform is the only viable option to keep your organisation and employees safe in today's social and mobile world. 

Andy Kennedy
Sales Engineering Manager
Zscaler, Inc.
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This custom made presentation for IT security professionals will be delivered in two broad segments:
Zscaler Technical Overview
  • How does the Zscaler cloud security platform work
  • Zscaler Cloud Architecture and how to forward traffic to the Cloud
  • How to authenticate users and the end-user experience
Live Demo of Zscaler UI
  • Enforcing your web acceptable use policy
  • How to securely enable cloud application for employees (shadow IT / CASB)
  • How does Zscaler protect against advanced threats (Ransomware)
  • Bandwidth QoS and SSL inspection
  • Real-time reporting and advanced dashboards, a look at Zscaler’s single view of the world
We will conclude this demo with a live Q/A session.
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